Facebook labelled a $5b waste of time (Sydney Morning Herald)

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Facebook labelled a $5b waste of time  —  THE next time you see an employee hunched intently over the computer, don’t imagine he or she is slaving over the office accounts or a report for the next shareholders meeting.  —  Employees are more likely to be whiling away the hours on the social networking site Facebook, a report says word rechtschreibprüfung herunterladen.

Source:   Sydney Morning Herald

Link:   http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2007/08/19…


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1 thought on “Facebook labelled a $5b waste of time (Sydney Morning Herald)

  1. agreed.hahaha….flat and simple.
    sometimes I do it thou. I would almost declare “blogs” in general are a waste of time but that’s because (sometimes) I’m researching important things and other times I just wanna waste time and look for stupid (re-pressed) articles, in which many I post. But facebook is just the ‘next’ like myspace for advertisers to pick and pull a-part(which helps their networking too) ….but the main point is to get out of them and stay far away(JUST DO YOUR WORK).. it’s also hard because you have the average person on there (our family/friends), and it’s nice to talk with them.

    So sadly the fact is that no matter what; stupid people like stupid websites.

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