GayGamer site DDoSed

Maybe I’m getting Jaded Living In the Bay Area, but I didn’t think this kind of thing happened anymore.  And attacking a website just because it has Gay Content?  And not even hardcore content, just articles about what games you might be interested as a gay man.  Is Homophobia still so rampant google picasa download kostenlos deutsch?

Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft sez, “Gay Gamer, the first daily game news site geared for LGBT, was attacked by a Philly-based hacker ralewayen. The site was completely hosed. As one of our commenter’s pointed out, this is the Internet equivalent of arson.”

Flynn De Marco, the site’s owner and Kotaku weekend editor, said small waves of denial of service attacks started Wednesday morning, causing occasional timeouts on the site adobe reader sicher herunterladen. By Friday the site, working with their host, was able to block the IP’s where the DOS attacks seemed to be coming from. Then Friday evening someone began flooding the site’s forums and chat room with hate speech, including some death threats, and over-sized images meant to bog down the site, De Marco said herunterladen. The flood of messages and images all originated from the same IP in Philadelphia, he added.

You’d think Philadelphia would be a bit more progressive.  If this had come out of somewhere in the southern “Bible belt” it would be a bit more expected simcity download kostenlos.