Is Blogging Ready For a Unionized Workforce? (Duncan Riley/TechCrunch)

Is Blogging Ready For a Unionized Workforce how to download minecraft story mode?  ?  According to the Wall Street Journal, a coalition of left-wing bloggers is trying to form a labor union that they hope will help them receive health insurance, conduct collective bargaining and set professional standards datumprikker downloaden.

While I’m all for the professional standards, who are these bloggers making pennies per hour and why can’t I hire them?  

I make pennies per hour on my blog.  I don’t complain, and I don’t know who I would unionize against… Google?  Text Link Ads Friday of the 13 free? I mean if you are a journalist for a website you should get a fair wage, if you are a blogger and are doing a rev share and not making enough money that seems like you either need to write more compelling content or realize that you aren’t very good at what you do. 

Jake is a Hotshot when it comes to monetization of his blog, but he is in the top 3% of bloggers.  I don’t make much off my blog, I blog for blogging sake, and if I can make a couple hundred bucks a year to cover my servers all the better prime movies mac.