Jack Vinson is a Fan but not a Friend, Why Linking to Me and Allowing PingBacks are a Good Thing

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There are a lot of people who do the “No Follow” thing, and people like Jack who don’t give trackbacks to strangers.  And then there are sluts like me.  If you link to me, and someone follows that link, I reward you.  BIG TIME.  I have code in my page that when ever you link to me not only do I give you a link, but submit you to Technorati and 30 social book marks.  This is a powerful motivation to link to me.  How many other people can promise to create 30 links to your content just because you linked to them minecraft kostenlosen ohne anmelden?

Yes this is more work for me because it means I have to check my Akismet Spam filter a bit more often, but I think it is worth it.  I think more people should do this type of thing.  Not everyone, cause if everyone did this it would devalue what I do, but still we aren’t all spammers so cut your friends and those who leave comments some slack and give them a link kindergarten lieder kostenlos herunterladen.

Link to Jack with held intentionally ;-).