Ryan Block, Blogging for the Love of It, A True Non-profit

Ryan Block who doesn’t run ads on his site, wrote an open letter to other bloggers asking them to not use IntelliTXT herunterladen.  The Problem Ryan, is that it is hard to make the money to do what we love if we give up the several hundred dollars a month in Ad Revenue.  I don’t know if you have noticed but the way most of the content on the Internet is financed is Google Ads, and IntelliTXT, I run Kontera, but it is the same thing, only Kontera.com has less strict entry requirements herunterladen.

Ryan it would be great if I could sit at home blogging in my Pj’s living off manna from heaven… but it doesn’t work that way.  I have to pay the bills some how, and I don’t think Contextual ads are tricking people in to clicking on things they don’t want to herunterladen.

And your Tricks to Disable the Ads on web pages… That is theft in my book.  Just because you go to the museum for the first time because your college professor makes you doesn’t mean you have to make a donation, but punching our the kind lady who give you the sad look when you don’t is wrong herunterladen.

Why do I think on page ads and Pop-Ups are not?  Pop-ups tend to pose a security risk, where as on page ads rarely do.  The difference would be if the kindly old lady from above came and took your wallet, rather than holding out the donation can herunterladen.