Content Management Systems – 10 Days Without Website Control.

If you don’t think you need a content management system you may want to read this article. This article chronicles 10 days in the life of a website client working without the help of a content management system and points out the differences that employing a content management system would have had have to a routine website maintenance issue.

Your static website is online and working fine. A couple of days later there is some ground breaking news in your industry and you decide that you would like to put a new press release on your website to attract new visitors that are interested in the very same industry news.

Day 1
You spend the afternoon creating a news article to put on your website. And you spend a few hours sourcing some graphics to accompany the news article. You then type out an email to your web designer and remember to attach all the text and imagery attachments that he will need.

Day 2
The following day he contacts you with his quote for putting the press release on your website. You realise that as the work is an addition to the existing website it is chargeable on top of the initial development costs so you need to get an OK from your boss, but he happens to be out at a meeting this afternoon – it will have to wait until the morning.

Day 3 and 4
You take the web designers quote document to your boss first thing in the morning to get his approval. After mulling it over for a day or two you get the OK from your boss for the web designer to do the website addition. You type out another email to your web designer and wait for his reply.

Day 5, 6 and 7
If you’re lucky you get a quick response from your web designer. He tells you the web page will take a day to design and build so he can get it live on Monday for you as he can’t work over the weekend – he is going away with his fiancé for a short weekend break.

Day 8
The website designer contacts you at 3pm in the afternoon. The page is live on the website. You return his email and thank him for his help. You then go straight to the site to check the new page out. You’re kind of busy so you give the page a quick scan and think to yourself – great, job done!
4:30pm you get a call from Jane in accounts letting you know that there is a typing mistake in the new news article. You call the web designer straight away but he’s in a meeting with a new client and his phone rings onto answer phone.

Day 9
You manage to get through to the website designer and tell him about the mistake. He apologises and says he will get it sorted for you the same day.

Day 10
The press release is finally online for your customers to read and the search engines can now potentially spider the article in a few more days and the article stands a decent chance of being returned in search engine results.

The Difference a Content Management System Would Have Made
With an online content management system you could have put your article together yourself. You could have gone straight into your website content management system using your username and password. You could then have pasted your new press release directly into your content management system and pressed the add button. This would have instantly created the new web page for you in real time. The press release would have gone live the same day and you would have been one of the front runners – publishing news about the latest industry developments and milking the rewards that having cutting edge industry news on your website would have brought. The problem with the spelling mistake could also have been fixed in minutes by logging into your content management system and updating the press release, rather than having to wait over the weekend for your website designer to make the text amend.

Although basic static websites are a cost effective solution for many small businesses, employing the use of a content management system means that you can update the text, images and documents on your website instantly – from anywhere you can obtain an internet connection. The ability to update your website content yourself and for free means that you can quickly react to sudden changes in your industry, which can make or break your online marketing success.