Web Designers – Is Your Website On A Desert Island?

Having a good looking website design that will appeal to your customers is very, very important to your online success. A web designer must create a design that will convey professionalism and confidence to potential customers. Once a great looking and easy to use website has been designed it is then very important to consider where your website fits on internet and why your site is important enough for search engines to return it in their results. This article will enable you to answer the following question – Is Your Website on a Desert Island?

An Analogy – The Problem with Many Websites

In your line of business, imagine for a moment you are the best and most skilled person in your industry. You are streets ahead of anyone in terms of skill, your rates are very competitive compared with everyone else in your industry and you think that places you very well to get lots of business and make lots of profit! It would appear so. Now imagine that you never leave your office to tell anyone how good you are. You exist in a closed system where people don’t know how good you are and you never go out to see anyone. No-one ever sends any business your way because people simply don’t know about you and how good you are. OK, this may seem like a silly analogy that no-one in their right mind would ever tolerate, but ironically this is what a huge number of business websites are like.

How Search Engines View Your Website

I’ll start out by letting you know that although they are constantly improving; compared to a human being a search engine is very, very dumb! A human being can visit a site and within a few seconds can scan the site and make an informed decision of what the site is about and how reputable the company is just by scanning the websites graphics layout and reading the text headings that they see. A search engine however can only look at 2 main things before deciding what your site is all about (i.e. what keywords and key phrases it is relevant to) and how reputable your site is (i.e. how much support it has in the internet community). These 2 things are.

1) Your websites content – the textual content of your site that contains your target keywords and key phrases.

2) The incoming links to your website – search engines look at what kind of sites your links come from and the anchor text that is on those links. I.e. the text that is used to form the link.

Using these 2 factors, a search engine can form an unbiased decision about what your website is all about (its theme) and whether your site is reputable or not (if lots of well established websites have place links to it).

Given the above facts it can be clearly seen that in order for a search engine to see your site as reputable it must be have incoming links from as many quality websites as possible. Here lies the problem. There are thousands of great websites, with excellent content that will never fulfil their potential because they exist on the digital equivalent of a desert island! This is because although they have great content. They have very few incoming links from quality websites.


There are a massive number of great, content rich websites that are selling themselves short simply because of their lack of incoming links from related quality websites. Because of this the search engines cannot confirm the reputation of these websites because they have no referrals coming from well established websites. Don’t allow this to happen to your site. Make sure to allow some time and resource to get your site linked up with quality linking partners such as quality directories and quality article submission websites.