Worst fake accents in film

David Pescovitz:
Deputydog posted a great selection of “13 of the worst fake accents in film,” including YouTube clips where available free chess game to download. Readers have suggested dozens of others in the comments, which is where you should post your “nominees” too! From the Deputydog post:

keanu reeves – dracula

i was tempted not to even mention this one due to the fact that he’s not an actor vm ware herunterladen. it’s just a given that he’ll never be able to imitate someone with an english accent because he can’t imitate anything unless it has no emotion, voice or physical presence kun je op een laptop apps downloaden. and to say yes to the part after finding out the gary oldman is gonna share scenes with you and make you look even worse is just acting suicide.
dick van dyke – mary poppins
there’s a reason why dick’s performance in mary poppins is always mentioned when the subject of shit movie accents is brought up: because it’s absolutely hilariously bad windows 7 professional german free full version. if the director had said to him before the film, “listen dick, i want you to do a comedy cockney accent throughout filming. don’t take it seriously.” he still couldn’t have done a worse accent herunterladen.


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