YouTube unbanned in Thailand, will help gov block dissident sites

Boing Boing reader Curtis says, I’m in Thailand, and discovered I could access YouTube again. My blog entry describes what I was doing at the time herunterladen. I guess I’m just happy to have YouTube back, and at the time wasn’t really thinking about why I get to watch YouTube again. Yes, the real news is that YouTube “has taken care of the matter by itself” by agreeing to filter content that might be deemed illegal for users in Thailand to see piktogramme grundschule kostenlosen. And I guess it’s that part of the news that folks will find troubling, especially as press freedoms and free speech continue to be eroded in Thailand, and the Thai authorities are making moves to strengthen their censorship of films and television kostenlosen browser herunterladen. Now YouTube is helping them clamp down on the Net. Link Previously on Boing Boing: YouTube blocked in Thailand now? YouTube blocked in Thailand for two weeks now Web-censoring weather report: Thailand still blocking YouTube YouTube remains blocked in Thailand, nevermind… Full Story