What Do Women Really Want? The Biggest Secrets Now Revealed

What do women really want? The most frequently asked question among males since ages. Have you ever tried to wonder why is it so easy for some males to attract many females whereas others are left in amazement thinking that he has it all and I do not. Do you really think that you either you have it or you do not? Do you really think that some people are just born with it? Well think again! Human brains are designed in such a manner that we can learn and master almost anything. The only difference between the one’s who have it and the one’s who do not is the difference in “boldness to act”.

Do looks really matter to women?- of course they do! But it only constitutes 10% of your total personality. You can have the best looking face with a perfect body but if you lack the personality to go with it you can never get a women.

I have seen ugly guys dating hot women! How do they do it? – Well this is where the personality part comes in. They might not have the best looking face or the body but they have mastered the art of pleasing a women. Like I mentioned before looks only constitute 10% of your total personality.

Ok now enough about the looks. How can I please a woman? – I wish it was that easy to answer but people learn with time. Rome was not built in a day you see!

So what do I need to learn? – Well nothing can please a woman more than a “bold male”. Whenever you see an attractive female just go up to her and talk. I have seen many males who lack the courage or maybe get very nervous even at the very thought of approaching a woman. They take so much time to act that usually some other male approaches her before they do or she just walks away. When the moment is right just act. Do not wait or think twice “just do it”.

Ok now I have the courage to approach her. But what do I talk about? – Never rehearse too much about what you are going to say to her. Just be in the moment do not think too much. When the moment comes just talk about whatever comes in your mind. Be as original as possible. Do not use any of those witty pick up lines. They never work in the long run.

What if she says no? – Well the simplest answer to that is if you do it right you would probably succeed but if not just move on. Learn to respect yourself. If she rejected you she missed a chance to get to know a wonderful guy like you. It’s her loss not yours.

Do women like obedient males? Stop right there! Women always say they like males who listen but they never admit to the real facts. Women have a strong attraction towards dominant males whether they admit it or not but it’s a fact. They love males who like to take charge & make decisions for them.

Do nice guys always finish last? – Yes that is very true. Another fact women are not ready to admit is that they are attracted towards dominant males. No woman likes a so called nice guy. Nice guys always end up being used or abused by women.

So how do I become a bad boy? – Women do not like so called bad guys either. I used the term “dominant male” not a “bad boy”. Be bolder & dominating in your approach but never over-do it.

Learn to respect yourself, learn to love yourself and the world would love you. Be confident about yourself. You might not have the looks, money, flashy cars but if you have the personality you can get almost any woman out there.