Jack Vinson at BlogHer, Extending the Front Porch Metaphor

Jack Vinson gets the award for being my biggest fan.  At BlogHer UnConference he apparently through it out as a session topic.   If you haven’t read my Front Porch Elevator Pitch you can pick it up in my archives

It has been a long time since I updated it, and I probably should tom herunterladen.

Blogging is more common then it was when I wrote that pitch, and the world was a lot different.  Robert Scoble was the famous Microsoft Blogger, and people didn’t understand how he could make the cover of Fast Company as the most powerful man in Redmond filme herunterladen netflix pc.

My readership was high, and that story was well circulated.  As a community we were still a small town.  Om Malik, Robert, and Dina were bigger than I was but we were all still small enough that we could read all of the thoughts of each other.  The Topics were less well Topical at the time.  We reacted to the news but there was a lot more philosophy and self discovery going on.  We new we were on the cusp of something but we didn’t know what.  WordPress wasn’t popular, most blogs were running at Radio.Weblogs.com.  And monetization and SEO were not on our minds.  You got Traffic by getting your audience hooked microsoft works suite 2004 kostenlos downloaden.

Tuesday evening I spoke at a class at San Francisco Art Institute to a younger than me crowd but not so much so, but they are of the Kevin Rose generation they live on Digg and Pownce and all of these “Clique” sites.  They “blog” but to their friends with twitter and Pownce and IM.  They just post things they don’t react or give context to what they link to. 

That said when I talked to them about Blogging as a sandbox (they are all Web Design students) they got it and many of them like Dave are starting their own wordpress blogs you tube as mp3 download.

Talking with these “Kids” (some of whom are probably the same age I am [28]) Did remind me that sometimes you need to blog for art’s sake.  Just to get things off your chest or have a conversation with the world about the thing that pissed you off on NPR, or more likely in their case Howard Stern vti imageen.

Sometimes you just want to link to a huge ancient shark, or naked breasts, or your toddler (but please not all at the same time).

A lot of us bloggers have sold out, and we still have a front porch but it is sponsored by the random contextual ad of the moment.  Our white picket fence has bill boards, and the car in the driveway looks like it belongs on the Nascar track with all the little logos alle bilder einer urlen.

Perhaps we are all sellouts, but some of us more than others…

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  1. “Pownce and all of these “Clique” sites”-Brandon

    It’s a s*** load better that ‘Gay’space, and tons of your points are right on about today’s bloggers.

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