TV Viewing is Declining and Other Dying Technologies that Changed the World

We are on a path to a world with where the technologies that were cutting edge, world shaping, and the way of the future are dying.  I haven’t had traditional TV in my home for 9 months now.  What started as a wonder how long I could go, has turned in to a why did I need that in the first place?  When I moved to the new place I couldn’t get my HD DirecTV Tivo any more so I decided to just live of Xbox Live Video Market Place, which has a lot of the programming I watch, though I am SciFi Channel Deprived microsoft works suite 2004 kostenlos downloaden. So I was not shocked to hear that Om Malik is making the jump himself.  While Om will miss sports, I could care less, as could many of my friends.  Breaking news may be hard to deal with but that is what NPR is for you tube as mp3 download.

Radio is being replaced with Satellite and digital “HD radio” which I get, after driving through Nevada this past week and having a choice of 3 Christian stations and a Country station that was playing mostly Christian Music on Sunday, I really missed my Satellite radio vti imageen.

Also dead in my home and dying through out the world is Analog Land Lines.  More and more people are using Cell phones for their primary phone and some who still want a “stationary” phone are using IP phones from their cable provider, or companies like Skype, and Vonage alle bilder einer urlen.

A few of my friends are finding that even their computer is becoming obsolete, opting to use their phone for everything except surfing the web, and downloading music to their mp3 Player, making their PC more of a Media Gate way, than a computing device lwarb mods herunterladen.

I was seriously considering trying to live entirely off the grid, producing my own power and heat, but I don’t know how to address my data addiction, if I were to move to some remote location and harvest the wind and solar energy, how would I get my data?  Sure I could get Satellite Internet, but the latency won’t let me do Voice, or play Xbox Live.  So making the jump completely off the grid isn’t quite in my immediate future, but it is getting there herunterladen.

Apparently, I am not in minority. A new IBM (IBM) survey of consumer digital media and entertainment habits shows that personal Internet time now rivals TV time instagram download saved images.

About 19% who responded to the survey say they spend 6 hours or more per day on personal Internet usage, versus 9 % who reported the same levels of TV viewing word viewer kostenlos herunterladen. 66% reported viewing between one to four hours of TV per day, versus 60% who reported the same levels of personal Internet usage

Other key findings of the survey:

  • 24% of U.S alte netflix app downloaden. respondents reported owning a DVR in their home and watching at least 50 percent of television programming on replay.
  • In the UK, nearly a third of users who watch mobile TV reduced their standard TV set viewing patterns as a result of new mobile device services gps routes downloaden garmin.
  • In Germany who had watched mobile video, 23 percent prefer to view user generated content.
  • 9% of German and 7% of U.S. respondents claim to have contributed to a user-generated content site


This coming on the news that YouTube is now doing Ad insertion should make TV execs a bit nervous about their future.