Shelving my YahooPipes Experiment to Build a Competing Technology

I may let it run while I’m away for the week, but the problem with my YahooPipes is that when someone updates their RSS feed with the same story in a new version My Site gets a double post.  If you are using RSS and a JavaScript viewer, or just looking at it in certain readers this is a bonus, as you see the update as a new story but if you are trying to treat RSS as individual messages it doesn’t work so well.  I’m sure they are changing the guid on the posts when they aren’t supposed to videos for whatsapp for free.

The other problem I am having is that popular stories show up so many places that I run the same headline.  Like the 1.5 billion that Microsoft doesn’t have to pay for its MP3 licensing vlc herunterladen.

All in all it was a worthwhile experiment, and I learned a lot.  And like I said I’ll let it run until the 20th when I return, but I will likely build my own Pipes Product ms paint kostenlosen. Geared toward my needs a little better.

I checked in to Microsoft PopFly, and it is ok, but not for my needs.  And the Google Mashup Editor tool looks interesting but it routinely mentions in the documentation to use Yahoo Pipes for some functions.   So I’m left to build my own weihnachtsvideo kostenlos herunterladen.

I won’t likely have the pretty GUI, but will more likely focus on a simple C like interface similar to AVISynth.

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