Formulas and Recipes for Two Worlds Alchemy (Xbox 360 or PC)

I’m starting to compile a walk through and a list of formulas, but thought anyone who had note worthy ones might leave them in the comments here can't download apps ipad.

image What I do know… spiel kostenlosen vollversion.

If you want to use a “gem” in a potion to boost your stats, it needs to be “effect is permanent” and you need to have more “herbs” than “gems” 

if you have more Gems than Herbs you make weapon damage enhancements. 

I don’t know if it is possible to make armor enhancements I have yet to do so google schriften herunterladen.

You can never have more than 10 items in your potion.

Anytime you use a Poisonous ingredient ad a health potion to negate the effect.

You can create bigger health potions from smaller health potions but you only get the efficiency of your Alchemy skill (55% by default)


My Personal Favorite Recipe is Dragon Scale and Diamond.  It permanently boosts all of your protections.  Also good is Two of any Permanent effect Herbs, or Werewolf Spine herunterladen.

Ghoul Brains are the easiest way to Drive your Will Power.  Using 4 or more Ghoul Brains with any Gem with a permanent Effect will result in a will power increase of 2 and half the protection listed on the Gem microsoft textverarbeitung kostenlos downloaden.

Unicorn horn has the unique effect of increasing often drastically one of the stats in potion.  So use it in “big” potions.  Two Dragon Scale, a diamond, a pearl, and a unicorn horn will boost all of your protections by ten, and most of your stats by 5, and when I did it my vitality by 23 suits downloaden.

Spirit damage is the most useful weapon enhancement as nothing can block it.  Finding a good Class 1 weapon and stacking on the Spirit Damage is a great way to be a force to be reckoned with netflix serie downloaden ipad.

Post your Walkthru and Cheats in the comments.

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  1. You also can mix any 1 gem, 2 gems, or even 9 of the same gems together and make a potion as long as you add a mana or health potion to the mix. You can also mix 10 mana potions together and make a large super mana potion. I like mixing my small and medium Health potions together to make potions that will restore 5000 HP or more. A great way to level up is to drop taint in certain areas to spawn the undead. plant bombs and wipe them all out. Find JasePower on xbox live if you need anything.

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