Halo 3 Dance Dance Revolution Hard Wood Dance Surface for Xbox 360

You are playing DDR and the boys are giving you grief, that you are playing such a girly game, but once you build the Halo 3 Hard Wood Dance Surface you will be King of the Hill.

This project takes about 4 hours and requires power tools, but if you take your girl along you can probably cheat by having her bat her eyes at the Home Depot guy and get him to make the cuts for you.

This project started from a warning on the Konami DDR pad that says "Warning Shoes May Damage Dance Pad. Socks may be slippery on Dance Pad." There wasn’t a warning that dancing bare foot might cause you to get athletes foot, but it might…. So what are you to do? The answer create a better dance pad. Together with the help of my good friend Pete Mountanos we created the Hardwood Dance Surface (HDS). DDR Universe for Xbox 360

The HDS offers several advantages, the surface doesn’t move under foot so you are less likely to die, but also improves the chances of you hitting the correct button. It also is about 3 inches larger than DDR pad which is 10% making the squares closer to the size of the arcade version. The Surface is smooth, flat, and Sock Safe, (assuming you got nicely sanded lumber)

The HDS sat dormant in my garage as by the time we finished it we had lost interest in playing DDR, as I am not the target demographic. (Cute Asian Girls) but with Halo 3 fast approaching I decided we need to bust out the Halo Dance Surface.

Home Depot You Can Dance We Can HelpA quick trip to the Home Depot for some black paint, some Fluorescent Paint, and the biggest black light I could find, and we were ready to dance our way to the midnight launch events.

Here is what you will need to construct the Dance Surface

  • 15/32 or Half Inch Plywood Panel cut to 40.5 x 36.5 inches. About $10
  • 1/8 inch Hardwood Veneer About $24  (We used oak for ours but maple or birch would be fine)
  • 12 Stir sticks, or 4 yard sticks. Free to $10
  • 16 Finishing Nails. Under a $1
  • Dance Dance Revolution Universe Bundleabout $60

Lay the large ply on the ground. Place the Dance pad in the center.
Surround the Pad with the Yard sticks or Stirring sticks to form a Frame, you may need to cut the ends to not have over hang, and allow for the chord at the top.

When you have all of the above situated, place the veneer over it. The veneer will have to be down a bit from the top in order to accommodate the bulk of the Pad’s electronics.

You are now ready to Nail it together. Take care not to nail through the pad, and be careful to set the nails well so you don’t catch your foot when dancing.

Your Dance Surface is ready for Decoration.

For my Surface I used Black Paint over the whole thing, and then used glow in the dark paint for the arrow, and Day-Glo Rustoleum for the Letters and Masterchief. I created a stencil for MC and free handed the letters.

Here is the Master Chief Stencil I created

Halo 3 Master Chief Stencil

This is the Work in Progress version… I found out the hard way that I needed to use pretty heavy paper to make stencils… so there is some residual tack left from my first attempt to number the BAYX pattern.  The Day Glow Paint messed with the picture taking since I don’t have a UV filter on that camera, so there is some odd White Spots that are not white when you are there in person, same as the odd "Shadows"  on the black parts.  You can just make out the Glow-in-the-dark arrows.

Measuring the DDR Pad DDRPad On the Platform DDRPadprior to Painting Dance Dance Revolution DDR Pad done up for Halo 3 Launch featuring Masterchief Close up of the Masterchief Stencil DSCF0906 Under the Black Light IMGA0005 IMGA0006 IMGA0008

Now I just have to find a launch party to attend since I missed Scoble’s Invite, and Major Nelson’s is too far as is Bungie’s London Party

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