Stealing Music made popular in blogs this week, and alternatives to Paying full price for iTunes or Zune downloads

I have read several articles outlining ways to rip music from CD’s and then selling them back to used CD stores.  The Problem is this isn’t legal.  If you want cheap music for your iPod or cheap songs for your Zune, there is a better way.  Amazon Used, Used CD Stores, iTunes Promo Code from Pepsi or Coke, there are lots of legal ways to reduce your music addictions cost, but rip and sell should not be one of them.

This ranks up there with “backing up” software and then giving the back-ups to friends.  CD is still a great way to get music, and in the format that works for your player, but use it responsibly excel error whening the template.

  • CD Ripping – In addition to the Zune marketplace Zune users can rip their own CD’s locally using Windows Media player. At my house we have our entire collection of over 1500 CD’s ripped to our new Vista powered Windows Media Center. I have then set up all the individual PCs in the house to watch to Media Center music folders so that they can seamlessly add Music to their Zune from their own PC (or in my 9 year old daughters case she can add music to her Rio MP3 player) patientenverfügung gratisen. I personally have set my Windows Media Player Rip settings (Library > More Options > Rip Music) to Best Quality (192kbps) and have unchecked the Copy Protect Music box.
  • Free online Videos, Music, Audio – On the Zune site there is a page that lists a number of online resources with free content that can be consumed by the Zune kostenlos briefpapier downloaden. The page is called Pass It On. Featured are NPR Podcasts, MSNBC content and many more. My personal favorite is one called KEXP. KEXP offers full-song podcast subscriptions for no fee musik downloaden von amazon music. Additionally, the Pass It On page has directions on:

  • How To – The site Zune Corps has a great section of How To’s covering everything from setting up a Podcast client for your Zune (yes contrary to popular FUD spread by the iPod community Zunes can handle Podcasts) to how to move from iTunes to Zune painlessly. Additionally, the site has its own regular podcast for the Zune as well plus discussion forums, Zune Wallpapers and more photoshop download op mac.
  • Convert Recorded TV To Zune – Okay so with iTunes you can purchase episodes of your favorite shows. Well if you are running a Windows Media Center PC then you can record those same shows for free and you can also take them on the go with you on your Zune for free. There are a couple of ways to do this. First off you could simply open a show in the Vista version of Windows Movie Maker and save it as a mobile video (you can also cut out commercials in Movie Maker, splice episodes, etc) music from spotify download legal. You can also use a neat little utility like the one I am running called Zune TVWatcher. It allows me to pre-transcode recorded TV shows into perfect Zune playable versions (also play nicely on Windows Smart Phones and Pocket PC devices). Now my wife can watch her recorded soap operas wherever and whenever she wants…. Hey wait, is that a good thing? ;-)
  • DVD to Zune – Taking your DVDs on the go is another cool thing to do with the Zune instagram bild herunterladen ios. I have been using DVD-WMV to create mobile versions of DVDs for use in our house for sometime (previously it was for watching DVD’s via a Pocket PC device on the road). There are also a slew of programs you can purchase for similar functionality just do a search on DVD to Zune lebenslauf bei xing downloaden.
  • YouTube and Google Video on Zune – There is a cool little IE browser add-on that allows you to capture video from either YouTube or Google video and take it with you on your Zune. It’s called ZuneIt. You have to watch the whole clip first, and then it will transcode all you have watched to a WMV file (takes a while so be patient) that it places in your Zune videos folder apps downloaden auf sd karte. My 16 year old son loves this feature.
  • Listening to Zune On the Go – Like the iPod there are increasing numbers of solutions for extending and sharing your Zune music. There are high end speaker docking stations like the ones from Altec Lansing (saw one at Target yesterday) and VAF elster steuer 2017. For the car there are FM transmitters available or in my case we simply use a Radio Shack stereo PC sound cable (male on both ends) to plug in to my cars stereo for great sounding mobile audio. There is also a cool integrated car set coming out from IME.