Convert HD-DVD to BluRay Losslessly (with no loss of quality)

Because HDDVD and Blu-Ray both use the same encoding format, and because the only real differences in most of the Dual Format titles relates to the menus, it shouldn’t be surprising that you can losslessly convert between the two provided you have the right hardware and are willing to risk a DMCA violation for defeating the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) komplette wikipedia downloaden.

The below video walks through the steps, it isn’t the highest resolution so you have to squint and use some intuition when you follow its directions, but you get the general impression anki overdrive app herunterladen.

The outlined method will work with PS3, and PC software players, but may not work the best with certain standalone players, so your success may vary herunterladen.

Guide: Convert HD-DVD To Blu-ray (works On PS3), No Loss Of Qual – video powered by Metacafe