Nanosolar the Solar Cell you Print on your computer

Well not quite, but close.  Nano Solar uses an inkjet to create solar cells that are extremely thin, and cheap to manufacture origin spiel downloaden. Martin Roscheisen, CEO of thin film solar company Nanosolar, founded the startup five years ago when solar was no where near the hot topic it is today herunterladen. He managed to fund the company with at least $100 million from venture firms.

The Technology is interesting.  Because it is printed the cells are amazingly thin, transparent even.  So it can be applied to windows, or other surfaces.  Using copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) an inorganic photovoltaic compound literally used as an ink a film, or sheet can be printed to what ever size and shape is needed and then nanocomponents in the ink align themselves properly via molecular self-assembly canon toolbox herunterladen.

This technology would allow for every exterior surface of many sky scrapers to be used to harness solar energy, with out impacting the occupants in any way.  They are not as efficient, at a tenth the efficiency of other solutions, but because they can be placed more places much of that is offset.

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Meanwhile, companies such as Lumoflex, BASF and Bosch are seeking to commercialise organic photovoltaics in a similar manner.