A Shared Source Object Model for OneNote project


Donovan Lange, a developer from OneNote last release, started a managed code object model as a side project.  He happily gave me permission to take his codebase public and release it under the Microsoft Shared Source License logisim herunterladen.


You can get the code at http://www.codeplex.com/onom.


And you can help!  I’d love to get this project completed by next January or so – it’s about 2/3 done now, and (hopefully) needs only about 40-60 hours of development time to finish the code.  We also need sample addins written using the OM, documentation on how to use the OM, tutorials, specifications for objects yet to be implemented, etc…  Everyone is welcome to contribute!  Just send me a note via this blog or email and I can add you to the project.  I’ll handle the admin issues on the site, and we can get together (virtually, via LiveMeeting) to review code changes and work like that neueste version von java herunterladen.


Go check it out and let me know what you think!  You can post comments here or on the Codeplex site.


Some other notes:

I wanted to make sure there was a way to contribute to this project with no out of pocket expenses other than OneNote.  The project can be built with Visual Studio Express (and that is what I am using on my machine to build this).  Donovan was also adamant about the necessity of unit tests, and chose Nunit as the test platform for that.  It’s free as well.  

Codeplex wasn’t clear about the checkin/checkout procedures.    I’m just using the relatively small codeplex command line client to add changes – don’t bother with downloading the 250MB TFS client gntm.

Feel free to file bugs on the Issue Tracking tab on the website!


Thanks – this should be really great once done,


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