Google Points To Itself as it Enters the News Business

New York Times has a story about the Shift In Google News.  Google is going to enter the content business linking to Associated Press herunterladen.

Google has been a source of traffic for a great many content providers but thus far has always stayed out of the content business.  Google is entering competition with its customers.  I personally don’t want to have to try and out rank Google itself for a given search term study certificate uni bielefeld.

“Because of Google’s campaign to simultaneously reduce duplicate articles, the original wire service article is likely to be featured in Google News instead of versions of the same article from newspaper customers, sapping ad revenue to those newspapers.”

While Josh Cohen business product manager for Google News says that it won’t effect the rankings of news services in search, but he doesn’t specifically say that “sponsored” links to Google content won’t run at the top of search results herunterladen.