Pick your own Google Ads with Google’s View Ads About Bar

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Tired of having ads that are contextual being beamed at you?  Now Google is letting you choose a term to have ads about.  Just incase you have money burning a hole in your pocket and want to blow it on the Internet.  Perhaps you’d like a Lawyer, or Some ads about Penile Enhancement, Puppies?  Maybe you need a Lawyer because you tried to enhance your Puppy’s….   What ever you need an Ad for Google will be happy to serve it to you…  Personally I was looking for ads about, getting a structured settlement mesothelioma because that pays the most, and really as a web admin that is what I want out of ads.  As they can pay upwards of a $100 for a click, not because I think I’m dying from Asbestos inhalation, at least not that I know of, but that would explain my chronic cough, but I digress windos 10.

Personally I think this mechanism for ads is stupid, I can’t come up with a time I said to myself "Gee I wish I could see an ad for X" and typed in to Google "Ads for mesothelioma"


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