Boosting your Site Rankings By Becoming a Statistic, Alexa and You

I bet you visit your own site somewhat frequently, did you know that if you had the Alexa Toolbar installed that you would counts as thousands of visitors to your site? Just like being a Neilson’s viewing family you can represent thousands of your peers by installing the Alexa Tool Bar this can boost your rank in many search engines, and add value to your Ad Values.  Many Affiliate and Ad Bar resellers use Alexa as a qualification for screening potential publishers. Toolbar SEO Search and an easy way to increase your google Page RankIf you remember the Nielsen Company, famous for the Nielsen Ratings, you understand that what is put on television was once determined by what a minute fraction of TV viewers watched: The people with a Nielsen box on their TV Set – The Nielsen Families. Having the Alexa toolbar installed on your browser is like being a Nielsen Family for the web. Your surfing habits will determine what is most “popular” and what sites should be ranked higher in the SERPs. By updating and surfing your own site daily, (assuming NO ONE else does), you can get your Alexa ranking from 5,500,000 or “no data” to around 300,000 in under a month and to 100,000 in 3 months.

If this weren’t enough incentive the Alexa Bar also lets you scope out the competition.  By knowing how much more reach your competitors have you can judge if you are reaching your potential.  Like if you wanted to see which is doing better iPod or Zune.

This is not going to make you a PR6 over night and you will never get an elusive PR7 this way, but it will help you get indexed faster, and it will help you sell Text Linked Ads.