Google Bombing "Kutas" lands Polish Man in the Clink

After my Greatest Living American stunt I’m glad I don’t live in Poland, where a man Bombed Kutas the Polish word for penis to Lech KaczyÅ„ski’s home page berlin sans fb kostenlosen. 23 years old Marek W. from Cieszyn was tracked down by local police using his home IP address.

Google Claimed Bombing no longer works, but we reasonably know this to not be the case ashampoo bildbearbeitungsprogramm kostenlos downloaden.

You can read the translated article here filmeen ohne internet. or if you speak Polish the original article here herunterladen.

Manipulating Search Results using White and Grey hat methods shouldn’t be illegal.  If he manipulated the site, or hacked Google that would be different, but just linking to the site with Kutas should not land you in court wpad.dat herunterladen.