How long before your mailing list goes dead?

I was recently approached to help a friend buy names for a mailing list, and the customer was only looking for names that had made a purchase in the last 30 days. sent me an e-mail because I hadn’t posted in90 days. hasn’t updated their site in 3 years and is still doing $100k a year selling weight loss pills  Apparently the Gap thinks their list is good for years aol desktop gold german download for free.

Allen Stern wrote about the cost of sending extra e-mails.  Based on the price per e-mail the only names I can see purging would be ones that bounce.  E-mail is so cheap that even if you only get 1 in a million to spend $50 with you, probably one. 

“I have not purchased a single item from the Gap in over five years spider solitaire kostenlos chip. Yet they still house my account on This email came as a bit of a shock considering that they know my purchase patterns and yet they believe it’s important to let me know that I can now use my account at their other family of sites ein spiel herunterladen. It’s great that they have merged customer databases, but if I haven’t purchased for years, why bother me? No emails for years, yet now they decide to contact me.”

Allen you are exactly who I would send an e-mail to.  The guy that stopped shopping at the Gap that I might be able to win back with my Red Campaign or because you realize that the bad experience you had that caused you to stop coming has fallen from your mind and you are ready to forgive and forget.  The person that was in the store yesterday is not someone you need to advertise to path of exile kostenlos downloaden.