Why CNet must Abandon Don Reisinger to save itself

Don Reisinger blogs from the inside of a closet.  If he would venture in to the real world every now and then he’d realize he writes stories for people who would like to be techies who aren’t. 

Don recently wrote about why Microsoft must abandon Vista to save itself which was a poorly written rip-off of Chris Pirillo’s Vista Feed Back which while thrown together and a bit long said the same thing only did so a full 14 months before fussball manager spiele pc kostenlos downloaden.

Don isn’t a market analyst, and he doesn’t cite any sources which is why his "article" is a rant, not a news story.

All Microsoft OS’s have had issues prior to SP1, and Vista is no different.  Don’s rant about price is irrelevant since if you account for the rate of inflation Vista is the Cheapest Microsoft OS to date windows desktop bilder kostenlos downloaden.

As to security, Vista is far more secure than OS X far better locked down than XP, and generally better at idiot proofing your computer from being destroyed icloud fotosen mac.

The hardware upgrade argument is truly week.  Remember that whole Apple switching to Intel chips and require a new computer?  Maybe you forgot that Windows 3.11 required more PC than Dos herunterladen? or 95 than 3.11, or XP than 98.  If you are running legacy hardware you are going to have to upgrade when a new OS comes out, and since a New OS is every 3 years, suck it up you are buying a new PC every 3 years.  Consider it an extension of Moore’s law bilder aus wordpress mediathek herunterladen.

Vista is not Selling like Hot Cakes, and it is Intel and AMD’s fault.  For the first time in 40 years Moore’s law faltered, only doubling computing power through using multiple processors which didn’t help most consumers herunterladen.

Resinger’s comments about DRM are flawed at best.  Mac has similar type mechanisms to protect content Mostly to try and protect iTunes, but when that failed Apple used it’s PR might to say that record labels don’t need DRM and that it was their fault that people were breaking DRM hoe kan per microsoft office for free.

So Don, come out of the closet smell the fresh air and get a grip on reality.Vista brings a lot to the table, but this article is about why your article’s points are flawed, not why Vista is great spotify herunterladen und brennen.

While I never touched on why CNet would be better with out you Don, I would point out you never actually gave a reason Microsoft would be better with out Vista either…   But I think my article is a little more self evident, and yours was just link bait from an Internet Troll.