Heroic Gestures to Win over your New Love Interest

MSN was running 6 Favors not to ask your new mate, and well some of them are wrong, so here are something you can volunteer to do that will win you big kudos, in your new romance’s eyes herunterladen.

1. Good with your tools:

If you or a guy or a girl you can impress with any number of common house hold fixes.  Two of my favorite are the same trick… Silicone Spray.  It is like WD-40 for the 21st century, it is Silicone so it is super slick and will stop creaky steps, Squeaky hinges, and stuck drawers putty file.

2. Offer a lift to the airport:

Not having to take a cab, and seeing a friendly face just before, a long trip can up the ante for the duration.  If you are going to be apart for 2 weeks wouldn’t you rather that the last thing you did was something good skype kostenlosen chip?

3. Tivo or Unbox a show:

You know she ditched Grey’s Anatomy to do dinner and an action flick with you, have the episode ready to go for a quiet night in.  Amazon Unboxed makes that easy, and many episodes are free, and the worst they can be is $5

4 can also beed from netflix. Draw a bath

This sounds odd, but it can do a lot.  After a hard day a warm bath with some Espson Salt some Lavander, or Mint will do a lot to help your partner unwind.  Follow it up with a good foot and shoulder rub and you will be a hero for a long time to come star stable kostenlosen.

5. Make breakfast

It doesn’t have to be fancy.  But if you want something good and so easy anyone can do it. 

Place 2 slices of bread or 2 halves of a bagel in toaster

Crack an egg in to a cereal bowl, use a fork to break the yolk, microwave for 40 seconds filme downloaden apple tv.

Add a slice of ham, and a slice of Cheese to the bowl, and microwave 40 more seconds.

On a plate place one slice of toast or half the toasted bagel, and put the contents of the bowl on it, add the other slice of toast and voila you have a great ham egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.  Add a glass of OJ and you have a meal in under 2 minutes hitman sniper kostenloser.

6. Make an effort with pets

If my cats don’t like you, you are dumped.  So making an effort to get along and even fake interest in them goes a long way.  You don’t have to be best buddies, but you should be able to make friends herunterladen.