12 Year old’s shouldn’t be Sex Symbols and Ron Clarke is not helping Maddison Gabriel

Maddison Gabriel Model Teen 12 year old Fashion Last year it was about preventing models with eating disorders, but what about young models?  Scantily clad teens does not seem like something to celebrate, but a 12 year old was named the the face of Gold Coast Fashion Week.  What is worse is Mayor Ron Clarke is supporting her modeling with a running analogy herunterladen.

Comparing competing in an athletic event, and walking the run way is about on par with saying that just because a child is a great Go-Kart Driver we should let 12 year olds race Nascars. 

We have rules for kids protection, we don’t let 12 year olds be fashion models for the same reason we don’t let 12 year olds be GO-GO dancers.  The Job may not be to take your clothes off, but there will always be those who are going to offer to help with such matters, and you don’t want your daughter’s coming of age story to be played out on YouTube as the Madison Gabriel Home Video

CHILD model Maddison Gabriel – the face of Gold Coast Fashion Week – celebrated her 13th birthday out of the spotlight yesterday herunterladen.

Her frazzled parents called in celebrity handler Harry M. Miller to help manage the media storm that had whipped up around her.

Maddison’s selection last week as the 12-year-old face of Gold Coast Fashion Week sparked accusations of child exploitation, with everyone from Prime Minister John Howard to supermodel Kristy Hinze weighing in to the controversy herunterladen.

However Gold Coast Mayor, former running great Ron Clarke, said he supported Maddison because he remembered being told he was too young to enter a footrace as a child ltspice download kostenlos.

“I know what it’s like to be the young underdog,” he said.

“I remember not being allowed to enter a race once because I was four years too young, even though I could run as well as the older competitors free puzzle.

“If she was a 12-year-old playing the piano, we wouldn’t all be jumping up and down about it.”

Michelle Gabriel, Maddison’s mother, said she had been forced to call in Mr Miller to help them cope hoe website.

“It’s got the point where it’s too much for her and for us — she needs just to be 13,” Mrs Gabriel said.

Despite doing an exclusive deal with Channel 7’s Today Tonight last week, Mrs Gabriel said all media were banned from Maddison’s 13th birthday party at the family’s Gold Coast home yesterday calibri schriftart herunterladen.

“It’s just a quiet family get-together — a backyard barbecue,” she said.

“That’s the way Maddison and us want it htc apps herunterladen. She’s tired and over it.”

Modelling a silver evening gown, Maddison fulfilled her last Gold Coast Fashion Week engagement to huge applause at a VIP cocktail event on Saturday night sky go app mac herunterladen.

However she will be back next year when her reign as the face of fashion week formally begins.