Brandon Wirtz Invented Face Book

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In case you were wondering who invented Face Book?  It was ME Brandon Wirtz inventor of Facebook but not that was someone else.  But back in 1996 I was about to graduate High School, and was on year book committee and though we should have a big hard bound book of everyone in the school with a mug shot of them, we could call it a face book. 

That is how I Brandon Wirtz Invented Facebook.  As Inventor of Face Book, I haven’t made billions, in fact we never even made the book in high school.  I did however make a face page which was a single webpage which contained all of the photos of the people from my graduating class pc games free download full version windows 7.

Mark Zuckerberg may have filed a patent, but obviously he missed my prior art.  I already posted once today about how the US Patent Office grants patents far to easily herunterladen.

Brandon Wirtz the man Who Invented Facebook Oh, and if you want to know why this came up…