Casual Games Fans Are Making Games The "NEW TV" (Family Game Night Gets and Upgrade)

It used to be you sat in front of the TV, staring blankly, drooling and eating snacks.  Now we gather round the TV with a controller in hand, because casual games are driving the growth of video games, Christina, Jake, and I gather around the TV and play Carcassone pretty much every night for 30 minutes mp3 consisteden van youtube.

Carcassone a casual games are driving the growth of video games

 And while Christina doesn’t get why I show interest in “Two Worlds” she is warming up to games like “Overlord” and “Burn Out” which are less hard core, but more than just “Casual”. 

Wii Gets this, it is THE casual game console, at least the current one, PS2 is a great value for the casual gamer.  But don’t count Microsoft out, Xbox Live Arcade for the 360 has 2 new Casual Games a week, and they make gaming with my girlfriend a lot of fun.  The trick is to get people to plop down for a current generation console. 

Christina loves Mad Tracks, and Small Arms, but she’d never have spent the money on an Xbox 360, and while we rent a lot of movies via Xbox Live Video Market Place, she won’t part with her net flix because there are things she can’t get, like Everything Illuminated that we watched for a class she is taking. 

Casual Games are a great way to unite families and find some common ground with our loved ones, it is the Milton Bradley Family Game Night for the 2000’s kindle unlimited b├╝cher herunterladen.

In my “family” game night is competitive, but we also help each other out, sometimes we make odd moves to see what happens we discuss how we are going to play the game, and sometimes add our own rules, like we are only building river to the left, or you have to push Brandon off the track so he doesn’t win for the 5th time tonight.  We bond around a shared interactive event.  While we watched Season 1 of Heroes on HD-DVD in one sitting, we didn’t interact, gaming involve’s conversation and shared play bus simulator vollversion kostenlos downloaden.

Save the Game, Save it Often Sure we all have new catch phrases Save the “insert a noun” Save the World, and we routinely raise our hands and shout “I Did it” but it is not the same as Jake and Christina uniting to defeat the evil Brandon owner of all the farmland, and Monasteries herunterladen.

Save the Game, Save it Often.