Internet fudge, Wikipedia and Misinformation

Internet Fudge is a growing concern in media, and business, for those who don’t know Internet Fudge is when wrong information found on the Internet is used in a legitimate document or product.  I know that Wikipedia gets cited quite often at my workplace and I have found many errors that needed correcting youtube videos mit ipad herunterladen.

Because Google makes an answer so easy to find people often don’t worry if the answer is right as long as it passes a smell test, or often even if it doesn’t.  I proved that answers can be manipulated just by making a blog post with my stunt to unseat Colbert as Greatest Living American snapchat android.

What is extra interesting is how Yahoo Answers can be used to manipulate results.  By asking a leading question you can cause people to find the answer you want to be the answer and the act of doing so will make it the accepted answer.  This will cause Google and Yahoo to believe the site you wanted to have the right answer to become the accepted answer herunterladen.