Jack Thompson Attacks Halo 3

It seems a bit late, but Jack is trying to get Florida to declare Halo 3 a nuisance. Sure standing in line for its release is a PITA, but come on Jack, it is no worse than trying to buy something from Home Depot on a Monday Morning herunterladen.

You can read Jack’s side of the story here I don’t know why he always publishes things in Doc and PDF instead of HTML, he seems not to up on technology, maybe that is why he is so bitter avg antivirus kostenlos herunterladen chip.

Once again, Thompson is basing his claim on a Florida statute which defines public nuisances as that which:

…tend[s] to annoy the community, injure the health of the citizens in general, or corrupt the public morals

To get an idea of what the public nuisance law was really designed for, the types of places named in the statute include:

…any house or place of prostitution, assignation, lewdness or place or building where games of chance [i.e., gambling] are engaged in violation of law or any place where any law of the state is violated, shall be deemed guilty of maintaining a nuisance…


This is Jack just trying to capitalize on the Halo 3 Hype.  If he’d play some DDR, maybe he’d be less tense and see that Master Chief is just like a Future Day Batman spiele kostenlosen vollversion deutsch solitär. Let’s face it we all want a warthog and bio armor.  Though I’m not too keen on the computer that is always in my head even if she has a Hot Avatar ebook forum. RAWR.