Apple TV the iFlop Steve Jobs would rather forget

I was planning to write this article about why Xbox Live Video Market Place kicked the pown out of the AppleTv, but some one wrote this which is close enough….

It’s been online for a few days now, but I just spotted (via PaidContent) Forbes‘ article titled The iFlop (subhead: "Steve Jobs tried to design–and dictate–the future of television. Here’s how he failed.") Author Scott Woolley calls the Apple TV "a flat-out" failure, claiming that it’s sold less than 250,000 units in six months. Among the supposed sins of the product: the lack of a built-in DVR and a "parochial and proprietary approach" to online video content. He also highlights a variety of on-demand video competitors, including Vudu, TiVo (via Amazon Unbox), and Xbox 360 (which offers rentals and sales of TV shows via the Xbox Live Marketplace)–while glossing over many of their shortcomings. Still, is he right? Is the Apple TV dead in the water?