Xbox 360 drops to $279.99 October 25th

If you want to get in on Xbox 360 for cheap this is the way to go.  The "Core" version of Xbox 360 is being discontinued with the new 65nm Xbox 360’s hitting the shelves, and the replacement is an Xbox 360 that is being Branded Xbox 360 Arcade, geared towards value gamers kit herunterladen.

The System drops the Wireless Controller replacing it with a wired controller. Comes with the a 5 game bundle on a single disc, a 256 meg Memory Card, Xbox Live Silver Account with a 30day Gold "trial" account,  and gets the HDMI upgrade featured in the new "falcon" version of the hardware herunterladen.

Xbox Arcade on Toy's R Us

Games included are:

  • Boom-Boom Rocket,
  • Pac-man,
  • Uno,
  • Feeding Frenzy,
  • Luxor 2

Not a bad deal if you looking to get your Girl Friend or Wife hooked on Live Arcade Games, or if you are planning to use this as a Media Center Extender.  Add a 120 or 20 gig Hard Disk and you have a great alternative to Apple TV, as I have been using Xbox Live Video Market Place exclusively for my TV view downloaden youtube windows.