Glowing Mountain Dew the DIY Luminol Glow Stick

Peroxide, Mountain Dew, and Baking Soda is all you need to make your own Glow In the dark, not for drinking used to be a beverage nectar of the gods download the walking lock. Anyone who knows me knows I have a small addiction to Mountain Dew, and now I can read buy it. Yes through the miracle of chemistry you to can make your own Glowing liquid adressbuch herunterladen outlook 2016. Almost but not quite as fun as Greek Fire.

Glowing Mountain Dew is a great Halloween party light because it’s safe, fast, and easy to make glowing Mountain Dew at home by adding baking soda and peroxide and shaking vigorously microsoft access herunterladen.

Here are some glowing Mountain Dew pictures and the recipe for how to make your own glow in the dark Mountain Dew:


Mountain Dew Glows!!! komplette homepageen! Mountain Dew Light Hack!!! – video powered by Metacafe

5 thoughts on “Glowing Mountain Dew the DIY Luminol Glow Stick

  1. This video is faked. The process described does not work. When he is showing you the amount of baking soda, the MD bottle is not visible. It was switched for a bottle with another chemical in it.

  2. This realy does not work at all!! I tried 3 times and failed. I would like to know what he really used so I can use it as well for holloween. :) Is it lunimol, and if so, where do you get it at?

  3. Well, I agree with Mickey. Me and my friend both have just tried this numberous times with different amounts of the ingredients. For those of you who still beleive this is true, go try it yourself and you will be dissapointed. I have found a way that my friends say that works is you take 50 grams of sugar, 25 mls of 50wt% NaOH (or sodium-hydroxide), stir them together and then add 5 mls of Isopropyl Alcohol. Other ways to make real glow sticks requires chemicals that are hard to get, but you may be able to find them on sites such as, along with a bunch of other chemicals and fun items. Hope you guys have fun. Email me when you have time.


  4. Yea before the bottle of mountain dew the label is facing towards the camera. After he zooms in on the bakingsoda spoon (that took a long time) when he zoomed back out the bottle of mountain dew label is facing the other way… LOOK closely there is alot of retards out there begging for attention!!!!

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