Building Brandwidth in the Web 2.0 Economy, and the upcoming Web 3.0

Multilevel Marketing without having to buy all that Amway Shampoo:

Web 2.0 is about Geek Socialization. Because not every geek is social in the same way it is important to have features that appeal to each type of geek.

Look at me: Much like a little kid who when you have company over wants you to watch him stand on his head. This is the type of geek who is into vanity website. Sites that talk about what that person wants or has, and how they are using it. People who post YouTube Videos, and Flickr Photos are this type of geek.

How do I do that: Are the geeks who visit sites about projects and ask all sorts of how does that work, and why can’t it do this questions.,, all thrive on this type of geek.

Who are you: This group makes up the and communities. They want to know what makes you, you. They talk about feelings and likes and dislikes, they want to know more people so they kind find out what they like about people. These are also the types that send you survey’s on, and new FaceBook Apps that see if you both have the same taste in movies.

I wanna be a part of it: This is every fan site. Every person who feels that they own whatever it is they enjoy. “How could they take MY Buffy off the Air?” “When are they going to make MY Halo live enabled?” My sister’s is a prime example of this type of community.

Facebook, Twitter, and Digg do a great job of catering to each of these types. But more importantly they have convinced their communities to invite their friends. Word of mouth advertising at the speed of well twitter. Sharing the hot new thing doesn’t require that you see your friends. What good are your Myspace friends if you aren’t going to spam them for every sparkly bobble that catches your eye?

And if you are having trouble finding shiny bobbles? Fark, TechMeme, and Google Trends can find you plenty of things to keep you busy.

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