Building Brandwidth in the Web 2.0 Economy, and the upcoming Web 3.0

Blogging, .Com, .Net, .Mac, and .Org

Apple has made .Mac much more of a success than Microsoft’s .Net. The reason is simple; .Net is all about what a group or a company can do and .Mac is all about the individual. The old water cooler analogy that says we should watch and do things that we can talk about at the water cooler has been expanded to the Net. Now it is not enough to just have something that sounds good at the water cooler, but on your Blog site too. People are realizing that their brandwidth is important. A blog is a way to build a network of followers, people who may offer you opportunities, free stuff, or just support and appreciation for what you do. The epitome of this is the LinkeIn. The LinkedIn is a community that exists for the sole purpose of people connecting. LinkedIn is the ultimate Friend of a Friend site. You can get an introduction to almost anyone, and as your network grows you end up being fewer and fewer degrees away from anyone including Kevin Bacon, Bill Gates, and Me.

Apple also has another huge lead in the social networking to expand brandwidth game, Women. Let’s face it your PC is not going to get you laid, but oddly a Mac or an iPhone might. In the same vein as a VW bug which can’t be driven buy any self respecting hunter, bodybuilder, or army recruiter, the car has great appeal to women. The Mac has a lot of the same things going for it. A Mac is a form of expression, and it is somehow sexxxy. You can go to a Mac event and if you play your cards right end up with a date out of the deal. The Windows Vista launch was a great example of how you can’t do that with a PC. Music and dancing was great for the 3 guys who brought dates. The rest of us stood around and talked, or ogled at the PR bunnies that had to attend. Until Microsoft can capture a female following they are going to struggle with the growing segment of businesses that have females who influence purchasing.

Oddly, you can build a community of all Males or all Females, but often the strongest communities are those with more diversity. Oprah has one of the largest communities with resources in her Angel Network. The Angel Network is primarily women but has about 10% men. They are joined not by background, race, sex, creed, or occupation, but by common will to do good things. This creates a group that is able to conquer overwhelming tasks with relative ease, because the diversity means that someone with the right tool, quip of information, or in with an important person is just a phone call away. Oprah has made her billion dollars by making her audience a part of her show. The community is self sustaining. It generates a great deal of her content, a great deal of her revenue, and a great deal of her publicity.

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