Building Brandwidth in the Web 2.0 Economy, and the upcoming Web 3.0

What’s coming in version 3?

Microsoft is known for getting it right the third time around, and maybe that rule applies to all technology ventures. Web 3.0 will get interesting right around the first revision. Web 3.1 will be about connecting communities formed by Web 2.0. Oddly the big players in this space are already starting to emerge and they aren’t the nimble small companies they are big companies that are dabbling in things they may not understand. Microsoft PopFly, Yahoo Pipes, Google Mashups and other of the Mashing technologies that are out there. XML is making our data portable and exchangeable. Everything can talk to everything else as long as you know the schema.

This will create counter revolution. Rather than picking a service that does the most things but possibly in a mediocre way, you will use which ever service does an individual task the best. Yahoo Answers to get some quick help to a problem, but Monster to find a Job. FaceBook to track down the TA you had a crush on in Bio 101 but Myspace to listen to the track from her bands album that she has a guitar solo on. Use EHarmony for dating, but check that none of your other friends have already dated her through LinkedIn. This seems like how we do it now, but in Web 3.1 we will have unified our accounts, the gate keepers may be Microsoft Passport, or Yahoo ID.

Others will say that Web 3.0 will be all about Software as a Service. It will be. Just more types of software than we ever used to be. Desktop applications will get ported to the web, Silverlight, Flash and Air will give online applications a richness that was never possible prior, but desktop applications translocated on to the web will likely still be the realm of the big existing players (Adobe, Google, Microsoft), not the exciting fast paced world of start-ups and VC’s.

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