Google is just like Elvis…

Google is just like Elvis… Everyone does their own bad impersonation, and a lot of people claim he’s dead.

Yahoo Search is less Google Killer and, More Google Impersonator. I hate to be the purveyor of "you can’t beat Google at search" but Yahoo seems to think the the secret to beating Google is to look so much like them that you can’t tell the two a part.

I do like that they added numbers, but that is just interesting because I want to know where I rank on a subject, not because it makes sense for when you are doing a search.

And the Gradient blue bar is prettier than Google’s solid blue bar, very Web 2.0.

But overall Just like’s "improvements" the changes are all graphical, or Advertising related. 

What drives us to use Google is that we get relevant results to our queries, not if the page looks nice.

Yahoo implemented the inline autocomplete feature from Google Labs

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Google should be blushing. Elvis Lives.


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