Internet Explorer 7 Available without Windows Genuine Advantage, Is Microsoft Soft on Piracy?

Microsoft is announcing that they are releasing IE7 with out the requirement for Genuine Advantage.  This could be any of several moves. 

a jump run spiele kostenlos downloaden. Microsoft has decided that browser vulnerabilities are more important to combat than piracy, and so has set aside the WGA requirement because they are hoping to prevent virus and spyware infections which plague IE6 but have been greatly reduced in Internet Explorer 7 herunterladen.

b. Microsoft wishes to increase the marketshare of IE7, as a way to help with the deployment of Silverlight.  Combined with Tabbed Browsing they could hope to pull some marketshare form Firefox in the hacker community deezer herunterladen kostenlos.

c. Maxthon runs better with IE 7 perhaps this is a stab at Google, as Maxthon allows people in China to access the uncensored version of the Internet and circumvent the Google China filters itunes downloaden gratis nederlands.

What Microsoft will have to manage is the expectation that if IE 7 is mostly a security release, and WGA is being set aside to allow for a safer Internet than shouldn’t most Windows Updates be available with out WGA das boot downloaden?

Windows Defender would do a great deal to cut down on the amount of malware that is installed on PC’s, but I doubt Microsoft will offer it for free ubuntu schrift herunterladen.

This would all be bigger news, but if you run the Setup file for IE7 with "setup.exe /passive" you don’t need WGA.  So anyone who really wanted it probably could have gotten it, especially since there are more than a few bit torrent hosts that have liberated it already (along with adding some malware and setting their own Google custom search as the default search)

The Official Press Release is on MSDN Blogs