Live.Com gets a Face lift, and a Technology upgrade got a face lift and a backend technology upgrade. Focusing on several core search experiences: Entertainment, Health, Local and Shopping.

Theses four areas account for 40% of queries, and Microsoft has made improvements that are supposed to improve each of these areas.

Because of Microsoft’s acquisition of MedStory, is able to bring trusted results from Medstory when using Health.Live.Com

Following in Googles Local Search’s footprints adds Local Result searching with Maps. 

And Similar to Froogle, now returns Sponsored Sites when it determines you are doing a product search.  It also pulls reviews from MSN Shopping

Unlike Google I am not “Greatest Living American”  and many of the sites I expect to rank well don’t. didn’t upgrade how it ranks sites only the information that it adds to before the results based on your search.

This makes the upgrades rather useless for my purposes. Failed to bring some very useful features that I can’t live with out that don’t take much to implement.  “Did you mean” being the primary one.

Take the search for “Palm Treo 650 Powerchord” which is perfectly happy to search for an not indicate you were a putz and mistyped power cord.  Google on the other hand suggests the change of spelling.

Another key difference is that the power cord search in results in ads to sell me a Treo which I obviously have if I am looking for a cord to power it, Google recognizes that this is not a product search and doesn’t spam me with ads for something I already have.

The Number 2 result for “Palm Treo 650 Powerchord” isn’t even in English for

Searching for my new favorite Thai place on Google and results in the same Yelp Entry coming up first on both, but on it is followed by a string of Porn ads.


So Kevin Johnson, what is the next “Big” feature for  You know Google has an API you could earn revenue from your custom Google search engine.  I do quite well on mine.

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