Mac Nano to replace the Mac Mini [Exclusive Photo]

The Mac Mini hasn’t gotten an upgrade in a while, so it was about time.  The new Mac Nano is much smaller, and borrows components of the Apple Laptops to achieve an amazingly small foot print.  By moving the Power Supply outside the case, ditching the Optical drive, and using an 80 gig 1.8 inch hard disk (like in the iPod Classic) the new Mac Nano is about about half the height of the Mini and slightly wider Motorbike game pc free. Having to use a USB CD or DVD-ROM Drive seems to offset some advantages of this slim size, but as many of the Apple laptops are looking to go optical disc free, it is possible that Apple will have some Sexy External DVD or Blu-Ray drives in the near future.  The Mac Nano also includes a small remote like those included with MacBooks.  Apple will have the new Mac Nano out for the Holidays as it is set to launch for "Black Friday" the day after thanksgiving, which is something to be thankful for if you are an Apple fan herunterladen. Given its small size I think this would make a great project PC with Leopard, boot camp and Vista.  Apple may partially convert me yet. Mac Nano replacement for Mac Mini from Apple

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Apple TV

Vs the Mac Mini

Mac Mini

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  1. The power supply is already outside of the case on current Mac Minis, so that would have zero impact on their ability to reduce the footprint that much. I also can’t see Apple removing the optical drive from the Mini. If this photo is authentic, it is most likely something else entirely.

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