Carbon Ninja Launches the Sale of Personal Carbon Offsets

Personal Carbon Offsets through Hardwood tree growthYou can make a difference in the fight against global warming. By sponsoring tree growth you can help offset your carbon footprint, and make a real difference. Unlike other services that invest in future technologies that may or may not make a difference, or services that plant a coniferous sapling and hope that it grows for 150 years, Carbon Ninja will plant and manage a hardwood adolescent deciduous tree.

Experts tell us that Global Warming is an issue that is going to have drastic impact in the near term.  We could see major changes in the next 5-20 years, much sooner than the 50-100 years that competitors would amortize your investment over.  To make a real impact now, Carbon Ninja works to maximize the efficiency of its managed trees through proper tree spacing, disease mitigation, species diversification, and other forest management techniques.

Some services offer to plant trees where there already are plans to grow trees, which doesn’t actually increase the number of trees to be planted it just offsets the cost to the government to plant these trees. All of Carbon Ninja’s trees are located on private land that is not suited for agriculture, and in a climate that encourages leaf fall. Deciduous trees shed their leaves every autumn, and because leaves are 50% carbon by mass each pound of leaf matter can result in half a pound of carbon reduction from the atmosphere.

Carbon Ninja offers the unique opportunity to reduce your carbon foot print in a truly quantifiable way. Unlike services that invest in future carbon reduction, Carbon Ninja allows you to make a difference now. Many services plant a sapling and sell you the promise of growth over the life of the tree, but experts tell us that global warming is a problem that will have a drastic impact in the next 5-20 years, rather than the 150 years that a sapling pine would take to have the promised impact.

We plant trees that are sturdy hard wood deciduous trees in climate that encourages leaf fall. This is important because the density of hardwood allows for larger amounts of carbon be stored in less acreage, and because leaves are about 50% carbon by mass leaf fall has an immense impact on carbon reduction when compared with trees in a climate that doesn’t have a "fall".

Carbon Ninja sells managed trees in Months of Tree Growth. We do this so that you can be assured that your tree(s) will be taken care of for that length of time, and that the impact you have paid for is realized. If a tree is destroyed, dies, or fails to perform we will make sure that another tree is planted and managed in its place.

Each order includes certificate of purchase suitable for framing. If possible printed to your nearest Kinkos for pick up saving on the carbon used for delivery, or sent via USPS if you are not located near a kinkos. You will be contacted with in 72 hours of purchase to choose your delivery option.