Heroes: Sylar’s Back along with a man in Horn Rimmed Glasses

Sylar’s back!  So are Niki and Micah, but more importantly, Sylar!   We knew he wasn’t dead… Why no one has figured out that if you want one of these characters to stay dead you have to smush their brains is beyond me… That works on Zombies to… Maybe Heroes and Resident Evil Extinction are the same show with less exotic costumes, and no sexy Mila herunterladen.

The question remains: how can the Heroes writing team squeeze in these returning characters?  Amnesiac Peter is in the middle of an Irish gang war, Hiro s in ancient Japan discovering his hero is a Hero, Claire’s flying stalker knows her secret, HRG and the Haitian are back together, Mohinder has infiltrated the Company, Parkman is babysitting Molly while investigating Kaito’s death, and Nikki and Paulo Version 2.0 are still trying to get into the U.S.  Not to mention whatever Ando and Nathan are up to.  Good thing Sylar’s back, hopefully he can slice open the heads of some of the weaker subplots kompass gratis herunterladen.

Sylar wakes up at the beginning of the episode on the beach in Maui with a girl named Michelle.  Actually it’s shape-shifting Candice, but since Missy Peregrym is now on the CW’s Reaper, we get Michelle.  She lets him know it’s all an illusion, because that’s what she does, then shows him the dilapidated warehouse they’re actually in, with giant stitches in his stomach huawei cloud images.
Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) returns to Parkman’s apartment to play My Two Dads.  Company agent Stephen Tobolowsky moves Mohinder into Isaac Mendez’ loft.  That’s…convenient.  The Company man lets Mohinder know how important he is, and he’s either really stupid or really smart.  I’m beginning to get the idea that the Company knows all about Mohinder’s double agent status gratis musik zum downloaden.

Ando, back in Tokyo, is playing video games at work when he gets busted.  He takes out Kensei’s sword, and discovers an inscription at the base that tells him to open.  He discovers the sword contains secret scrolls from Hiro, detailing his adventures in ancient Japan with Kensei.  This perfectly segues into Hiro with the recently regenerated Kensei, who is surprised by his new powers.  He thinks Hiro is the devil and flees on horseback.  Hiro gives chase, accompanied by Yaeko.  Hiro catches up to him and gives Kensei a lesson in powers.  Kensei eagerly accepts his destiny, thinking about how rich the ability to heal will make him ris dateien.

Still trying to get him to accept his fate, Hiro takes him to face th 90 Angry Ronin to retrieve the Fire Scroll.  Can’t we just press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select., Start and skip to the next level?  Kensei gets the scroll and the girl, but Hiro is in love with her too and looks on with sadness in his eyes.  Now that the path is set, Hiro prepares to return home, but Kensei wants him to stay.   For reasons passing understanding, he does summer pictures for free.

Claire has a petty squabble with West about how he didn’t see what he saw, and he’s not buying it.  In class, West wildly speculates about lizard girls regenerating lost appendages, and Claire storms out.  She finally admits to him her secret, and he picks her up and flies away with her.  It’s hard to top a grand romantic gesture like taking an open-air trip over the city.  At least they cut many episodes of miscommunication about who trusts who and trying to hide their powers from each other.  They fly to the beach and debate whose powers are cooler, then they share a kiss.  During the make-out session, Claire spies some marks on West’s neck.  Looks like someone was trapped by the Company.  West shares a story about how terrified he was by the guy who took him, the man with the Horn Rimmed Glasses.  Bad twist, and honestly, what teenage boy would recognize a pair of horn rimmed glasses hardware drivers downloaden?

To get his identity box, Peter needs to help the Irish gang rob an armored car.  Using his Parkman-stolen mind reading ability, Peter overhears one of the brothers thinking about stabbing his brother in the back and stealing the cash for himself.  The leader doubts this claim.  Later Peter is trying to use his powers, and for some reason he believes the only way his power works is if he’s shirtless.  Caitlin shows up for some not-so-innocent flirtation.  The gang robs the armored car, with an assist from Peter’s powers.  Back at the bar, Peter was right and the brother pulls a gun.  He shoots Peter, but bullets don’t affect him.,  Then he busts out the Darth Vader death mind trick and chokes the brother with his mind, stopping just short of killing him.  As reward, Peter gets the brothers’ family crest tattooed on his arm, then when the leader hands him the box, Peter doesn’t want to open it because he likes his new Irish thug life.  Then he makes out with Caitlin.  Oh look, here’s the second character who makes a completely illogical decision to stay put rather than return to the main action sounds gratis herunterladen.

In Mexico, the Honduran Wonder Twins are still making the long trek to America.  They decide to steal a car, but like everything they do, it goes wrong.  The police chase after them, and while Maya (Dania Ramirez) escapes, Alejandro gets caught.  Bury him alive, Mexican police!  Instead, they lock him up.  Maya shows up to try and bail her brother out.  When they refuse, she goes bloodshot in the eyes and kills them all.  He plays ying to her yang and absorbs the evil spirits or whatever the heck is going on with these two.  They pick up an American prisoner who has a car american horror story herunterladen.
Niki (Ali Larter) and Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey) are chilling in Las Vegas, trying to start over.  They head into a cemetery to say goodbye to D.L.  Much later they arrive in New Orleans, where Niki drops Micah off to stay with some of D.L.’s family.  An old woman opens the door, and it’s Uhura (aka Nichelle Nichols).  One Star Trek alumni dies, another pops up in its place autocad architecture herunterladen.

Finally, we get back to Sylar whose powers are gone, but Michelle promises to use her illusion-making skills to help him recuperate.  He likes that idea, and as the ticking gets louder, he smashes her head in then vows to start regaining all his powers, starting with hers.  That’s the man we know and love, a homicidal maniac who will not let himself be used by anyone.  We finally see the real Candice/Michelle, whose actually a fatty.  He can’t use her skills and gets all angry, heading outside.  The camera pans out to see he’s in a cabin in the middle of a giant forest.  Either that, or he’s on the island from Lost.

Mohinder is settling into his new pad when Stephen Tobolowsky gets a phone call.  It’s Niki, and she wants the cure, in exchange for something we’re not yet privy to.  If that’s not enough of a twist for you, Mohinder finds the eighth and final painting in the series of Mendez original depicting the deaths of people.  He quickly sends a photo of it to HRG (Jack Coleman), because that’s exactly who’s dead in the photo, or at least badly bloodied with broken glasses.  More shocking: the person in the painting who appears to have done the deed is none other than Claire Bear.