Facebook is the first Web 3.0 company with a billion plus dollar valuation.

If Facebook is worth $15 billion, and Myspace is $65 billion XYHD.tv is worth $571k.  The math would seem simple.  If Facebook has 42 million users and you calculate the value of a user to be 15billion divided by 42million you see that each User has a value of $357.14.  My 1622 users results in a valuation of $571k.  If I can get a valuation on daily unique visitors I would be worth over a million tiptoi die welt der pferde und ponys herunterladen.

Several analysts are claiming that the valuation is based on a value per user, but that is unlikely based the absurd numbers that it would work out to.  Even if you could get a $50 CPM through advertising, (and you can’t a more typical number would be $5) a user would have to view 7,000 pages to be of that worth in Gross Advertising.  Considering most Online Ad Agencies are pocketing about 40% you are looking at each user being responsible for seeing 11,666 pages.  And that is an average so the people like me who signed up and only visit once every 45 days are going to really hurt your averages kostenlose app musik downloaden.

Facebook’s valuation is simpler then that.  if you have $150 million in revenue and get a 10x revenue valuation then you are worth $15billion.  Usually such a valuation is reserved for companies that are a bit younger than Facebook and with good reason.  Large valuations generally come from the belief that the growth of a company is hampered by its ability to spend money.  If Facebook was limited by its cash flow the valuation would be easier to accept, but it isn’t, and Microsoft’s meager investment isn’t going to kick start a huge spurt in growth sims 3 hühnerstall kostenlosen.

So why would Microsoft pay so much for such a small (2%) stake at such a high valuation?  The same reason a dog pees on the fire hydrant.  Microsoft is marking it territory, and that small investment keeps Google out of Facebook for a time.  Microsoft has to embrace the online ad business, and make up ground in the competition with Google.  Facebook even with its abysmal click through rates (CTR), is LA Beach Front property, not everyone wants to be in that space but those who do are willing to pay for it.  Much like the LA beach front, if you can make it on Facebook you can make it anywhere herunterladen.

Facebook is part of Microsoft 2.0.  Which is scary because with Ballmer say Facebook is a fad, it wouldn’t appear that he gets it.  Facebook is the first step in a Software as a Service revolution that everyone seems to know is coming, but no one seems to know how it will arrive. 

Think of Facebook Apps as the Microsoft Project Server Dashboard for your entire life.  If Facebook continues on the path they are soon you will be able to check your e-mail, see what your friends, and co-workers are up to, how your stock is performing, book a restaurant, get movie listing, and then invite your friends based on their movie tastes, locations, and availability… Facebook is evolving in to a better tool for organizing your life than any collaboration tool Adobe, Microsoft or Google has built Serious sam free download full version.

I don’t even like Facebook, and I can see that there is a day in my near future when my homepage will be facebook, and a good percentage of the things I do online will be in the facebook interface sky x series.

That never happened with Myspace.  And it won’t.  It won’t happen with XYHD.tv it won’t happen with 99% of the social networking sites that are out there.  Microsoft was just marking its territory, but I think it made a much smarter investment than what it currently knows.  Facebook is not a fad.  Scary as it is, Facebook is the first Web 3.0 company with a billion plus dollar valuation herunterladen. $15billion is a steal, it is worth every penny even if I can’t stand to use it.