Microsoft Pushing People to Google’s Crappy Video

imageToday I went to and saw this Headliner "TV’s Most Disgusting Ad?"  which linked to Slate which while owned by the Washington Post, is part of the MSN Network.  In the Slate Article, embedded smack dab in the middle of the page is a YouTube Player gardenscapes.

This is a huge "No, No" when it comes to technology.  Considering that MSN just rolled out a new Video Page that uses Flash you’d think MSN was the anti-Microsoft.  Not using Soapbox, or Silverlight, or even just plain old Windows Media Player.  Makes it hard to argue with clients that want to use a flash player for their online video.  I tell them you should use a Microsoft Technology that is always a safe bet, and they respond "why huawei p10 images? Microsoft doesn’t."

I’m sure that All-Bran loves the press, even if the ad is called the most disgusting on television, so if Janelle Nanos had given a quick call to  Kellogg’s and they would have provided her a copy that could have been published to SoapBox and then Soap Box would have gained the 250k views that YouTube got instead, or used the clip on the Allbran site movies zdf.