Wall Street Journal on Love and Money Video

The Wall Street Journal ( ) ran an opinion piece in “Love And Money” about how homework is hurting families, and how Jeff Opdyke hired a college kid for his own kid’s civil law homework help.  Has Jeff considered that maybe he put his kid is in the wrong school, or maybe HE has too much chaos in HIS life?  Opdyke doesn’t say if his kids go to a public or private school, but based on who he is I’m guessing private, and if his child is struggling maybe he has the wrong classes play store app herunterladen funktioniert nicht.

I come from an education background and found that working with students and parents often the problem kids have when they have too much homework, is that they have parents who expect more than the student is able to deliver.  This is highlighted by Jeff’s attitude that his kid is isn’t doing well if he gets a C medium-earth shadow of the war download for free.

Parents often want their kids to be in the “best” math or English class forcing them to struggle to do “well” but there are times when a student needs to be in an easier class to learn the most big blue button präsentation herunterladen.

Parents can end up doing things that make school worse for their kids by doing late night cram sessions, or early morning cram sessions before a test.  Jeff and Amy recognize that their son is stressed during his test, well he is also deprived of sleep and with all the effort that has collectively gone in to his studying has more to bare than a fifth grader should windows 7 downloaden free.

Much like in the Silicon Valley where the population of people who are above average in math and science is high and therefore expects that their kids will do well in those areas, I’m sure working for the WSJ Opdyke has high expectations for his kids in English, but if you are a parent with a post at a prominent newspaper the appropriate place to plead your case is a Parent Teacher Conference, School Board Meeting, or with your school principal, not to the million readers of your rag herunterladen.

Oh, and Jeff, if you don’t have time to work with your kid, maybe there is a reason your kid is struggling.  From this piece it sounds like your life is chaotic, and if you can’t handle it why do you expect your kids to windows 7 with oem key?