Carbon Ninja’s First Carbon Reclamation Arboretum

imageCarbon Ninja is proud to announce its first arboretum.  Carbon Ninja has negotiated the use of 1.2 million square feet of currently unused land which will be used to reclaim carbon from the air.  Hardwood trees will be planted in this managed arboretum.  Located near existing woods this space will be an extension of the arboreal habitat surrounding cleaning plan to download.

Allowing for optimal growth and limiting the possibility of disease this arboretum will be home to a variety of species native to the area.  Oak, Sugar Maple, American Elm, Black Walnut, and Cherry trees will expand the habitats of birds, small mammals, and other native fauna. 

This Michigan location allows for a good balance of growing season and leaf fall.  The soil is "Muck" which is a deep black soil that is very fertile and encourage plant growth, but is difficult to use for mechanized agriculture because it is soggy much of the time. 

Much of this land was cleared nearly 70 years ago to make way for farming onions and beets.  The land has laid fallow for nearly 15 years and was used partially for hog farming, and partially for "Set a side" in the decade preceding.  Now this land will be used to help fight global warming and offset personal carbon production internet explorer neu kostenlos.

You can see a map of the area here download the annual pay slip.