Assassin’s Creed Achievements tips, tricks, and cheats (walk through too)

Eavesdropping – West – Using Vigilantes for distractions.

Head to the Eavesdropping marker, a public fountain. Locate the two men talking near the fountain herunterladen. Sit down on a nearby bench, highlight one of the two men, and then lock on to him. You’ll get the "Listen" button prompt. Do so.

You’ll learn about Vigilantes, who are marked on the map with their own icon destiny kostenlosen. These groups of men, dressed in black robes, are allies and will block pursuing soldiers.

Pick Pocket – North Central – Letter stating Tamir is receiving a large shipment codex downloaden.

Approach the target, a merchant behind booth, and lock on to him. Wait for him to start walking and then press and hold the "Pickpocket" button when you are near him. You’ll get the letter.

Eavesdropping – South Central – The beams which cross the central courtyard can be accessed.

Eavesdrop on the two men taking to each other in a stall of the market.

Eavesdropping – Southeast – Tamir is within the souk.

Eavesdrop on the three men in brown robes on the side of the road.

Pick Pocket – East – Acquire map of the souk showing the northeastern roofs easily connecting to the central courtyards

Lock on to the bald man talking to another man near the fountain. Wait for the conversation to end and then follow him as he starts walking. Pick Pocket him for the map. To view it, go to Pause Menu >> Memory Log. Highlight this investigation and "View Attachment".