Assassin’s Creed Achievements tips, tricks, and cheats (walk through too)

Tamir – Assassination

The first thing that you should know is that the souk is the market (learn more). It is the large stone structure on the east side of the map. There is an outer part to it and also an inner courtyard. Tamir is in the inner courtyard.

Get up onto the roof of the souk and start stealth killing any archers who are posisitioned there. Use the scaffolds to get up and over the arched roof of the outer souk so that you are looking down on the innter courtyard.

Jump to any of the hanging platforms near where Tamir is doing business (in the vien-covered middle structure). When you get onto a platform you’ll get notification that your memory is synchronized and you’ll lose most of your movement abilities. Don’t worry, just move to the edge of the platform, push forward and hit the "Drop" button to drop down into the crowd near Tamir. A cutscene will ensue.

After the cutscene Tamir will walk around to the various vendors in the courtyard. Make sure that you have the Hidden Blade equipped (Up on the D-Pad) and slowly approach Tamir when his back is turned (when he’s talking to a vendor, for example). When you are close enough you’ll see the "Assassinate" button appear (same as the "Attack" button). Hit it to kill Tamir.

Oh crikeys! A city-wide alert has been issued. You are being hunted. Sprint out of the souk and climb any wall to get to the roofs. Find a roof garden to hide in until your alert level goes down.

Even though things are now quiet, the city-wide alert is still in effect. Any suspicious action you take will be noticed. Stick to the roofs as you make your way back to the Bureau. If you have any sort of alert level you won’t be able to enter the bureau, so make sure that you are anonymous before you enter. When you enter, talk to the man there to end the mission.


Go to your bed and lay down. When you get up, head back to the Animus for some plot exposition.

Memory Block 3 – Garnier de Naplouse – Acre

Combat Training

Because you did such a nice job on the last kill, Al Mualim has rewarded you with the Short Blade and Counter Kill.

Exit the inner fortress and you’ll be placed in the Training Ring to learn about Counter Kill. To do so, hold the Deflect button and when you see an enemy about to attack, press the "Attack" button. You’ll get a quick little animation of you doing a cool counter move. Do this three times in the Training Ring and you’ll automatically exit out.

Getting to Acre

Ride a horse to Kingdom. Once in Kingdom, locate Acre in the southwest of the map. Ride your horse to the marker and ride through the archways. Be sure to activate any View Points that you pass along the way.

Garnier de Naplouse – Investigation

Acre – Poor Disctrict

As you enter town there will be a Save Citizen opportunity, this time for a monk. If you choose to do this you’ll be attacked by about a dozen men, more than you’ve had to face in the past. Fortunately for you, though, you have Counter Attack. Use it on each of the men, one-at-a-time, to thin their ranks until their all dead.

Afterwards, you’ll see a group of Scholars. Blend in with them to enter the city.

Once you are safely inside the city walls, locate and climb the View Point marked on your Map. This will reveal the Bureau, in the southeast corner of the Poor District.

Before you go around looking for investigations, I highly recommend that you clear out all 11 View Points. This will get you familiar with the city and will reveal all 6 investigation markers for you. Be aware that many of the roofs have archers on them. Take them out as you please remembering that you can push them off the roof with a Grab and Throw.

Pick Pocket – East – Map showing candelabras and patients within the fortress.

Pick pocket the long-haired carpenter in the street.

Informer – Northeast – Garnier secludes himself within his fortress walls.

Approach the highlighted man. He’ll challenge you to collect 20 Masyaf flags in 3:00. The flags are marked on your GPS and more or less constitute a circuit. I recommend starting to the left of the informer by climbing the railing and jumping to the awning. From there, use your GPS and when you get one flag you’ll want to locate the next. If you follow the circuit you’ll end up right back at the informer, easily beating the 3:00 limit.

Eavesdropping – Northwest – There are some fortress roof guards absent from patrol duty.

Eavesdrop on the two soldiers by the fountain.

Informer – Southwest – None may enter the fortress save for scholars and guards.

You must Stealth Assassinate the marked soldier and then return to the informer. The taret soldier is the flashing X on your Map and GPS. Equip your Hidden Blade, sneak up behind him, and do him in. Return to the infomer to gain some intelligence.

Interrogation – South Southwest – Garnier removes himself from the world around him while tending to his patients.

Target the man preaching about Garnier. Wait for his speech to end and then follow him down the stairs. He’ll turn to the left and enter an alley. Although there will be other people around you, go ahead and punch him in this alley. He’ll tell you that a good time to strike is when Garnier is with patients.

Pick Pocket – Central – Acquired letter which shows the connection of Garnier and two other men.

To get to this investigation use the roofs to the north of the marker. Drop down into the courtyard/open area and then head south to the marker. Try not to pick pocket the man in view of a soldier.