Assassin’s Creed Achievements tips, tricks, and cheats (walk through too)

Garnier de Naplouse – Assassination

Climb the roof of Garnier’s fortress/church. Stealth kill and/or push the archer guards to clear the roof. Head to the middle of the roof where you’ll find a large opening where you can look down and see patients below. Drop down into this area for a gruesome cutscene.

Afterwards Garnier will begin his rounds. Use "Blend" to not raise any suspicion as you search for him. When you locate him, wait for him to be tending to a patient and then assassinate him.

To escape, climb up a wall and use the candelabras and beams to quickly get to the front of the building. There is an open archway there leading outside (near where you had to collect the flags for the informer). Once outside, sprint like crazy and hide anywhere you can. I had success climbing onto the roofs and finding a roof garden.

Once things quiet down, head to the Bureau.

After you talk to the Bureau chief exit out and you’ll be asked if you want to forward to a more recent memory, Al Mualim. Choose "Yes," unless for some reason you have some unfinished business to which you want to attend. If you do choose "No," then you’ll have to make your way all the way back to Masyaf on your own…riding a horse and all.

Memory Block 3, cont. – Talal – Jerusalem

Combat Training

This time you have earned Throwing Knives and the Tackle ability. Head to the training ring to practice.

To Tackle, while sprinting, slide your thumb over so that you also hit the "Tackle" button. This is not so much of a tackle as it is a shoulder check. Use this to knock people out of your way.

Throwing Knives – Throwing Knives are an invaluable tool for long distance Stealth Kills. To use them, select them by pushing Left on the D-Pad (same as for Short Blade). Lock on to the enemy you want to kill and then press and hold the "Atatck" button to throw the knife. If you don’t press and hold you’ll just swing your Short Blade.

If you run out of Throwing Knives you’ll need to pick pocket more from Thugs. Thugs are recognizable by their leather hoods and knife on their belt. 

Getting to Jerusalem

Once in Kingdom, locate the Jerusalem marker in the southeast of the map. Ride there and activate any View Points that you may pass along the way.

Talal – Investigation

Jerusalem – Rich District

Per usual, there is an Innocent to Save. To locate him, head to the gates of Jerusalem and then go to the left into the grave yard. This will reveal the Scholars. Blend with them to enter the city.

Once you get into the city, locate the marked View Point, the bell tower of the church, and climb it. Activate it to reveal the Bureau and the 8 other View Points. Again, I recommend you activate all of the View Points an then do your investigations.

One thing to note is that the southeast View Point, the Dome of the Rock (gold dome), learn more, is difficult to get to. You must get past the guards at any of the entrances. Your best bet is to use the low roof to the left of one of the entrances (there’s actually a ladder leading up to it, to the left of the guards). Once you are past them you’ll have to quickly climb the blue tile side of the structure, using the rain spouts near the top to get up. Once you are near the dome itself, climb onto the lip of the dome and you’ll be able to Synchronize there.

Also note that one of the View Point markers may be obscurred by a Save the Innocent marker on your Map. If this happens to you, you can locate the View Point by heading about a block directly right (east) of the North Central Informer marker.

Pick Pocket – Southwest – Map showing the position of Talal’s guards.

Lock on to the man in the brown/yellow striped robes talking to the man in blue. After the conversation, pick pocket him. There is a "View Attachment" with this memory, so you may want to look at it.

Informer – North Central – Talal is located in the North sector of the city.

Talk to the glowing assassin. He asks that you Stealth Kill two targets. Each are marked with an X on the Map and GPS. Both targets are inside the souk, or market. Try not to kill them in front of a soldier. After you kill them, return to the informer.